Evie Jenkins

When and how should you return to an office?
Hopes are high for a better year in 2021, and the question of how and when to return to the office is at the...
Do you need to rethink your office setup?
It may seem like the last thing you want to think about, but taking time to assess your office setup could save you time...
A frighteningly good Halloween offer
We’re giving the tricks a miss this year and are instead treating new members to a fantastic 25% off their first three months of...
5 things coworking members need more than ever
The needs of many workers have evolved with the rise in remote working and new restrictions that we have seen over the past year....
Why do micro businesses flourish in coworking spaces?
Coworking is a solution that can support a wide range of business industries and sizes, and micro businesses are no different.
Organising your desk for success
Wherever your desk happens to be keeping it tidy and organised will put you in the best frame of mind for productivity.
How coworking has changed after Covid-19
Like many other businesses, coworking spaces have had to make some major changes to the way they operate after the Covid-19 pandemic.
Could coworking replace the corporate HQ?
As working habits face the biggest shift we have seen in decades and pressure increases for business of all sizes to totally overhaul their...
No plans to return to offices for millions of employees of the UK’s biggest companies
Just under half (24) of 50 of the biggest companies in the UK said they have no plans to return staff to the office...
What could a partnership offer your start-up?
If you run a start-up, you will probably have considered how partnering with other companies could help your business.

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