Our story

Our journey

21 years in the making

At SO Fourteen, we take pride in the fact we’re no ordinary coworking space. We began our journey in 1997, so we understand the aspirations and challenges that drive business people. Take a look at our team and why we believe a membership at SO Fourteen can play an important part in your journey too.

SO Fourteen is born out of our 21-year long journey in building a group of businesses that are dedicated to working with and supporting entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Starting a business requires guts and can be a lonely place when you are first setting out, but SO Fourteen provides a professional and creative environment for you to get your ideas off the ground.

Supported by the Hilton-Baird Group, SO Fourteen additionally gives you access to decades of experience in finance, marketing, IT, business planning and mentoring, as well as an extensive network of local professionals to provide you with the building blocks necessary to succeed.

What makes us different

Our dedicated team

We have built a wealth of experience behind the scenes in the people who make SO Fourteen what it is. From your dedicated Community Manager to our in-house marketing and IT teams, our staff are always available for advice and support to make your experience at SO Fourteen as beneficial as possible.

Your key contacts

Meet our dedicated Community Manager, Oksana, and the founder and Managing Director of SO Fourteen, Alex.

Oksana Chaplyko
Community Manager

Oksana is at the heart of SO Fourteen and, based at the Community Desk, will be your main point of contact. With a background in luxury retail, Oksana has an amazing eye for detail and customer experience. She loves yoga, mushrooms and raw cakes… what more can we say!

Alex Hilton-Baird
Alex Hilton-Baird
Founder / Managing Director

As Founder & CEO of the Hilton-Baird Group, Alex loves helping business succeed and, whether over a cup of coffee or a beer, always has time to catch up with our community. As a keen open water swimmer and adventure racer, he is always looking for the next challenge.

Your marketing experts

Helen, Jamie and Teri cover the whole marketing mix, both online and offline, and are available for any questions you may have about search marketing, web design and social media.

Helen Tramaseur
Helen Tramaseur
Marketing Manager

Helen has been our Marketing Manager since 2006, in which time she has managed numerous projects (including the launch and promotion of SO Fourteen) and overseen our marketing direction and strategy. She studied European Business Studies in Bordeaux for two years and is mum to three adorable sons.

Jamie Weeden
Jamie Weeden
Marketing Communications Manager

Jamie joined us as a Journalism graduate from Southampton Solent University in 2008. A keen traveller and mad about sport (he’s an AFC Bournemouth season ticket holder), he has a keen eye for detail and has experience in all aspects of digital marketing.

Teri Frecknall
Teri Frecknall
Content Editor

Teri is an expert in all things social media with wide-ranging digital marketing experience having joined us in 2014. Also a Journalism graduate (she gained a First from Kingston University), she writes a blog on parenting in her spare time.

Your IT support

Paul heads up our experienced in-house IT team, which can provide support for most IT and data projects.

Andrew Massey
IT Network Consultant

Andy has been with us since 2006 and provides invaluable IT network support to the business. In his spare time you’ll find Andy perfecting his swing on nearby golf courses – if the sun’s out!

Robin Mawman
IT Technician

Robin also provides vital IT support across the business in a role he has excelled in since joining the company in 2013. Known affectionately to his colleagues as Bob, he’s another huge sports fan and supporter of Liverpool.

Added value

Support to help your business grow

Tap into the resource and expertise of the different companies that make up the Hilton-Baird Group, an award-winning and experienced provider of cash flow and risk management services to businesses.

Fundraising icon

Commercial Fundraising

Our commercial finance brokerage has been helping businesses of all sizes to secure the most suitable funding solutions since 1997. Whether you need a loan, investor or working capital partner, Neil and his team can identify the right partners for your requirements.

Credit control icon

Credit Control & Debt Collection

Whether you need help recovering overdue invoices or could benefit from outsourcing your credit control function, our award-winning debt collection team can help. Our collections team can also give valuable advice on how to get your T&Cs and invoicing right.

Management icon

Management Expertise

The directors across the Hilton-Baird Group, Evette, Ian, Graham, Rob and Victoria, each have over two decades’ experience in sales, operations, accounts and project management gained in roles at leading British banks and PLCs, and are available to support our members.

Join our community

We’d love for you to come and join our SO Fourteen community. Whether you’re looking for a place to make contacts and meet like-minded individuals or an inspiring place to be your best, we look forward to welcoming you.

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