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Welcome to SO Fourteen

Coworking space that gives you the foundations to grow

We all like to work in an environment that stimulates the mind and boosts productivity. With our flexible coworking options that cater for every requirement, SO Fourteen offers the convenience and atmosphere that delivers just that in the centre of Southampton. Compare our different membership options below, or contact us to discuss any bespoke requirements.

Fixed desk icon
Fixed Desk

Unlimited access to SO Fourteen, plus several extras and 6 hours a month in our private meeting rooms.

Flexi desk icon
Flexi Desk

Unlimited access to SO Fourteen, with all the essentials and 3 hours a month in our private meeting rooms.

Hot desk icon
Hot Desk (5 or 10 day)

Access for up to 5 or 10 days per month and benefit from all SO Fourteen’s facilities; perfect for occasional use.

Day Pass icon
Day Pass

Hire a desk for one day only; ideal if you’re in Southampton for a short visit or want to try coworking.

Why choose SO Fourteen?

Coworking with a difference

While creating SO Fourteen we have kept the requirements of small businesses and remote workers front of mind at all times. This is reflected not only in the stunning shared office space we have built, but also the additional benefits and services our coworking members can access.

Inspiring surrounds iconFlexible, collaborative and convenient

Whether it’s the city-centre location, inspiring surroundings or the community feel, we’ve got everything in place to make your experience as beneficial as possible.

Why choose SO Fourteen?
Additional support iconAdditional support and expertise

SO Fourteen is a product of our two decades’ experience of helping businesses to reach their potential. Read more about us and discover the extra services available to our members.

Read more about our story
Facilities at SO Fourteen

What's included with your membership

  • High speed Wi-Fi network
  • Flexible access and dedicated support staff
  • Access to private meeting rooms and phone booths
  • Complimentary breakfast and refreshments
  • Plus a whole lot more!
See our full list of facilities
Best Workplace Environment - South Coast Property Awards
Who uses SO Fourteen?

A diverse coworking community

Whether you’re a start-up or small business owner looking for flexible office space or a remote worker who misses the office vibe, SO Fourteen is perfect for you. Here are just some of the types of people using our coworking space.

Start-up businesses iconStart-Up Businesses

Newly launched businesses benefit greatly from coworking spaces, particularly the networking aspects of a shared office and the ability to scale up or down whilst avoiding the costs associated with fixed or serviced offices.

Small businesses iconSmall Businesses

Businesses with a small number of staff can thrive in a coworking environment, without the overheads and restrictions of permanent or serviced offices.

Freelancers iconFreelancers

Despite all its benefits, freelancing from home can be uninspiring, lonely and logistically difficult. As well as benefiting from the office vibe and facilities, coworking spaces allow freelancers to make new contacts and win new work.

Remote workers iconRemote Workers

Whether you work from home, face a long commute to the office or you’re always on the go, coworking spaces provide the facilities and environment to increase your productivity and mental wellbeing.

Inside SO Fourteen


Take a look at some of the photos of our coworking office and meeting spaces, all designed with our members in mind, or click through to our gallery for more!

Added value

Read our blog

Articles and tips to help you make the most of your coworking experience and fulfil your potential.

Find SO Fourteen

Where to find us

SO Fourteen is situated in the centre of Southampton’s old town, just a stone’s throw from the high street, West Quay Shopping Centre and all major public transport links. You can find us at Woollen Hall, Castle Way, Southampton, SO14 2AW and on the map below.

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