Why coworking is the ideal solution for working parents

Why coworking is the ideal solution for working parents

Coworking provides a professional environment for a huge range of people across many industries. But for working parents, this new hyper-flexible working solution could completely transform the way they work.

One demographic that has been chasing the flexible working dream for longer than most is working mums and dads. Whether they’re freelancers, work in a traditional office job, are part timers or pretty much any other type of worker you can think of, you can guarantee that the arrival of a little human will stretch their schedules to near breaking point.

New working considerations for parents include the hours they work, the location of their office in proximity to home, childcare facilities and schools, and finding an environment that will help them scrape together a satisfactory level of productivity after only 3 hours sleep.

In your traditional office, you may find that you aren’t located close enough to the facilities you need. There is also still unfortunately the occasional issue that, even if your company is happy to allow you to work flexible hours, some people still find a less tolerant attitude among colleagues or even management and face judgement for their new schedule (which is the last thing any new parent wants to be worrying about!).

At home, you will be confronted with the endless distraction of housework and chores that come from being a parent. You may also be tempted to save money on childcare by having any pre school age children at home with you, effectively destroying any chance of a productive and efficient working day.

So how does coworking solve this?

A lot of the core ideas that coworking is based on offer added appeal to parents. Here are 5 top reasons that coworking offices are perfect for parents.

Choosing your location

With the popularity of coworking offices skyrocketing, it’s likely you’ll be able to find one that is in the perfect location for you.

They are often located in city centres and have good transport links, so they’re easy to get to, and should have everything you need close by.

Working the days and hours that suit you

With total flexibility, you can work whichever times suit you best. Different membership options mean that you can pay for a desk only when you need it, saving money and allowing you to adapt your schedule at short notice.

A productive, professional environment

Having a quiet and focused place to work not only means that you’ll get more done, but also that your work is likely to be higher quality.

Getting through your to do list also means that when you do head home at the end of the day, your mind can be completely off work and focused on family time, creating a better balance.

Getting the chance to talk to grown ups

Silly as it sounds, for a lot of parents a little adult conversation can be hard to come by! Not only will you have the chance to have a decent chat, you’ll also be able to incorporate networking and further your business interests.

Coworking spaces encourage members to interact and often introduce potential connections, so it can be the perfect way to grow your network without having to set aside additional time or thought to do so!

Endless cups of coffee and biscuits

Imagine a world where you can make a cup of coffee (or even sometimes have it made for you!) and you get to drink the whole thing, before it goes cold!

With unlimited cups of coffee, free breakfast and other snacks and biscuits provided, after a day in a coworking office you may find it a struggle to leave.

How did your working schedule change after you became a parent? Is there anything that could have made it easier for you to juggle your new role? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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