We’re reopening – with 25% off all memberships in August!

SO Fourteen is reopening

We’re delighted to announce that SO Fourteen will be open again from Monday 3rd August – and to celebrate, we’re taking 25% off the price of all our memberships in August!

We’ve really missed seeing our members every day and hearing about how their businesses are doing. So we can’t wait to open our doors again and welcome members new and existing back into our coworking space.

The 25% discount applies to all of our monthly membership options in August. This means our Fixed Desk option, which provides unlimited use of SO Fourteen throughout the month, costs just £225 + VAT, while our Hot Desk 5 option, providing access for up to 5 days in the month, can be purchased for only £75 + VAT – that’s just £15 a day!

So if you’ve been thinking of giving coworking a try or need a few days a week out of the house, now is the perfect time to do it!

Contact us here to enquire about any of our membership options or book a tour, and we’d be glad to assist.

What’s changing?

In light of the COVID pandemic, we have taken a number of steps to ensure the continued safety of all our members, visitors and staff, and adhere to government guidance.

From increased cleaning and new directional signage to reducing the number of desks in use, we hope all of the actions taken will give our members comfort that they’re in a safe environment. Details of the steps we’ve taken and guidance for members can be found here.

This does mean that capacity has been reduced slightly, so contact us quickly to secure your desk!

What do our membership plans include?

We have four monthly membership plans available to suit a wide range of requirements, which you can compare here. So whether you’re looking for something permanent or an option for a few days a month, we’ve got it covered!

We also have two stylish meeting rooms available to book by the hour (for two or four people) should you require a more formal setting. Both are available to non-members, come with a large screen television for presentations – and are big enough to maintain social distancing.

The last few months have had a huge impact on us all, and will change the way we work (and think about the way we work) for good.

So if you’d like to discover the benefits coworking can have, whether you’re a small business, freelancer or you’re used to working from home, call us on 023 8112 5014 or contact us online to discuss your requirements. We look forward to welcoming you!

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